About Us

About UsEven a minor key problem is trouble. Even a small lock project is crucial. No wonder Whitby Locksmith has become the go-to team for the locals. We take all requests extremely seriously. As an experienced team, we know the risks and consider every single inquiry and all projects very, very important. And so, we go above and beyond to serve well, to help fast, to cover all needs in the most professional way. We are not just the local one-stop-shop for all key and lock services. We are also the trusted team for quality locksmith service in Whitby, Ontario.

Our Whitby locksmith company evolves to serve well at all times

Known for our professionalism – among other things – our Whitby locksmith company sees customers return for more services and then return again. That speaks volumes about the way we run our business, the respect we show to the customer, the manner with which all lock and key services are done.

Let us assure you. Our local locksmith company strives hard for that. After all, nothing stays the same in the lock industry. Over the years, things change on all aspects – businesses grow, homes become larger, locks change to meet the current needs. At our company, we are not mere witnesses to such changes but actively participate, remain updated, know everything there’s to know about locks and keys. That’s one of our ways to ensure excellent home, car, and commercial locksmith services.

Complete residential, office, and auto locksmith services

Yes, we are here for any office, car, and residential locksmith service. You don’t have to worry about the new deadbolt installation, the duplication of the keys, the panic bar problems, the transponder key programming. Anything & everything you may ever want; we are here for you. We offer solutions to those seeking to increase security and also, to those who deal with problems. And we are also ready to send locksmiths to replace keys and locks when they are damaged so that you won’t deal with urgencies. But if it comes to an emergency, it’s good to know that we are available for 24-hour locksmith service.

We always send a local locksmith quickly and fully equipped

We have gained people’s trust because we rush to cover all urgent auto locksmith service requests, while give the same attention to a demanding office lock problem and to the house key duplication request. When it comes to security, your keys and your locks, everything is important and everything is urgent. And our company is ready to address all needs in the best way, in a timely fashion, without draining anyone’s pocket. What a nice way to start your day! The assurance that should an emergency occur, a Whitby locksmith will be by your side in minutes is priceless. Wouldn’t you agree? Keep our number.